Welcome to the innovative world of “needs”. We are a registered society, basically working on controlling the biggest threat of our society, Price Hike. Our motto is to make the people of North-Eastern Region economically strong by providing discounts on their daily needs, which can be their savings. As we cannot find anyone in this world who does not have any expenditure. So, if expenditure can be converted as the source of income, then everybody can be an earner. We are offering huge benefits to our esteemed members through the uniquely designed membership card which is popularly known as “CUSTOMER CARE CARD”.

We are the largest membership based organization of India, basically working for controlling the Price Hike. For last three years, we have been working restlessly for the economical upliftment of north eastern region and as a result of that we have achieved an unbelievable love and genuine response from the people of north east. Our membership has crossed the mark of 1,00,000. Our motto is to provide huge discounts since morning till night on their daily needs which can be their savings. To avail the benefits one can become our lifetime member by making a simple donation of Rs 999/- only towards “needs”.

If anybody is satisfied being a member of “needs”, then he/she can become our “PREMIUM MEMBER” by donating a simple amount of Rs 4000 for the lifetime. Apart from availing lot of benefits throughout the Nation, they can be known as our “AMBASSADOR” as well for the promotion of the Largest Customer Loyalty Program of India, which can offer them huge “recognition”. “PREMIUM CARD” offers huge discounts in Hotels & Resorts all over India, as well as it will provide handsome discount in Insurance Sector and E- recharge soon. Apart from that we are in touch with some Petroleum Companies and trying our level best to provide discount in Petroleum Sectors in the near future.